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Organic produce, simplified

Our mission is to simplify your access to organic vegetables. We put the world’s best organic produce in your hands in a revolutionary way, completely eliminating your need to worry about the most important food group. We aim to give anybody and everybody access to the world's highest quality organic produce.

Our focus on veggies, not fruits

Our meal replacement smoothie is designed to fulfill your daily vegetable requirement and then some, while also tasting amazing. In addition to tons of vegetables, we use the bare minimum amount of apple and lemon necessary to get the perfect flavor. This thoughtful ratio results in maximum nutrient density, without excess sugar.

Always USDA Certified Organic

All of our produce is hand picked from organic, sustainable and biodynamic farms. Every time you drink a SaladPower, you are directly supporting the protection of this crucial farmland and the livelihoods of the farmers.

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