Drink Your Vegetables

Every pouch has more than your daily requirement of vegetables. Drink one and you're all set.



SaladPower has way more vegetables than fruits. That's why a whole pouch has only 5g of sugar.



We use the worlds best USDA Certified Organic produce.

Customer Reviews

"Perfect for Lunch"

"Drinking one of these at lunch means I don't have to worry about going out for a salad. It really adds to my productivity for the day"
- James, New York

"A Complete Meal"

"These are my most convenient option to get my daily serving of vegetables. It feels like I actually accomplished something when I drink one"
- Chloé, San Francisco

"Hiking Companion"

"Love that I can pack a few of these for long trips. They don't spoil and are completely organic, which is a requirement for anything in my pack"
- Zoe, Portland

Drink Your Vegetables

We formulated the perfect organic meal replacement smoothie using way more vegetables than fruits. Only 50 calories. Only 5 grams of sugar.

16 spinach leaves
12 kale leaves
5 carrots
4 broccoli heads
1/2 apple
1/4 lemon