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Our ingredients only come from select USDA Certified Organic farms in California, Washington and Oregon

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Every pouch has 2x your Daily Vegetables Requirement at less than 100 calories. No prep, no cleanup, no mess

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Twice your daily veggies

We show you exactly what's in every pouch because we have nothing to hide. Tons of veggies, a tiny amount of fruit. Pretty simple.

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Organic Spinach - This superfood contains tons of antioxidant properties you need for everyday cellular health

Organic Carrots - There is no better veggies for skin, nail and hair health. It supports healthy vision too

Organic Kale - Loaded with disease prevention properties, kale is an excellent source of detoxifying minerals

Organic Broccoli - This might be our favorite vegetable ever. It has maximum nutrient density and tons of fiber

Organic Apple - Not only does it keep the doctor away, it's refreshingly sweet and packed with fiber

Organic Lemon - Lemons help alkalize your body, balancing your pH levels while aiding in digestion