Wayyy More Veggies

Every pouch has 2x your daily vegetable requirement. Zero hassle. No prep and no cleanup.

Monthly Deliveries

Building healthy habits means everything. Our monthly deliveries keep you 100% on track towards your nutritional goals.

Always USDA


The worlds best USDA Certified Organic produce. Always.

Customer Reviews

"Perfect for 2022"

"Been getting more veggies in 2022 than my whole life thanks to this. No prep no cleanup makes it a breeze"
- James, New York

"100% dependable"

"These always taste amazing and keeping my fridge stocked keeps my body stocked with veggies"
- Chloé, San Francisco

"Time-saver woah"

"There's no more convenient way to consume organic produce daily. Where have these been my whole life!"
- Zoe, Austin

Twice your daily veggies

We show you exactly what's in every pouch because we have nothing to hide. Tons of veggies, a tiny amount of fruit. Pretty simple.

16 spinach leaves
12 kale leaves
5 carrots
4 broccoli heads
1/2 apple
1/4 lemon