Our Mission:

At SaladPower we have one simple mission: Make the easiest way on planet earth to consume organic vegetables, every day. We think it's crazy that junk food is always within arm's reach, but humankind's most important food group – vegetables – is not.

More Veggies, Less Sugar

SaladPower's formula is designed to be your #1 source of organic vegetables. Spinach, kale, carrot and broccoli are the perfect lineup. Each is a bona fide superfood, and together, they offer optimal nutritional diversity, covering all the bases of what your body needs to function at its best. Apple provides a hint of fiber-rich sweetness while the tartness of lemon acts to mellow out the bitterness of spinach and kale. Because our focus is veggies, we use a minimum amount of apple and lemon for taste, without loading up the formula with unnecessary sugar.

Always Organic, Now and Forever

Conventional farming not only means there are harmful pesticides all over the produce you eat – it also means those same pesticides permanently leach into the surrounding soil and water supply. We consider it a national emergency that only 0.85% if U.S. farmland is organic. Our goal is to increase that number every day. Every time you drink SaladPower, you help us plant more seeds and expand domestic organic farming! So far, we've planted over 54,000,000 organic seeds and counting. That's like planting a one-foot wide garden that stretches from New York City to Cleveland, Ohio. And it's just the beginning.

Our Superfood Delivery System

SaladPower pouches have some amazing technology behind them. They allow SP to be completely shelf-stable without the need for preservatives or other funny business. How? Our pouches block 100% of the oxygen and 100% of the light from getting inside. That means no refrigeration is necessary and nutrients get locked in. Once you twist the cap and break the seal, the perishability clock starts! We recommend drinking every pouch (chilled for best taste!) within four hours of uncapping for maximum nutritional benefit. Plus, they're super fun to sip from.

Our Founder

Stephan Lotfi has always thought about things differently. The 34-year-old serial entrepreneur and New York City native hails from a family of award-winning doctors and creatives. Lotfi, who honed his interpersonal global skills at the United Nations International School, left the city to study Pre-Med, Music Theory & Composition and Neuroscience at Duke University, while also playing as a walk-on for the Division 1 Duke Football team. It was in 2009 while working with the team’s nutritionist and learning firsthand just how unhealthy most packaged food is for you, that Lotfi began brainstorming ways to disrupt the CPG industry for the better. After graduation, Lotfi ran his own hedge fund in Manhattan before ultimately marrying his twin passions of economics and healthcare in a new startup. Focusing on humankind’s most important food group – organic vegetables – Lotfi explored hundreds of product concepts until SaladPower was born. The mission of SaladPower is simple yet profound: To be the easiest way on planet earth to consume organic vegetables daily. When he’s not working or visiting SaladPower’s organic farming partners, you can find Lotfi on the courts of Greenwich Village playing pickup hoops – and fueling up on SP.