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Q: What is SaladPower?
A: An organic meal replacement smoothie that fulfills your daily vegetable requirement and then some.
Q: Why is SaladPower in a pouch?
A: Pouches are funny, but they reduce our overall carbon footprint by about 32% vs. plastic bottles. They also save a ton of space when shipped to your home, greatly reducing the environmental burden vs. other types of packaging.
Q: Does SaladPower need to be refrigerated?
A: No – not until you open the cap. Our pouch seal technology keeps the contents completely safe at room temperature with absolutely no need for preservatives. It's pretty amazing technology. Once the seal is broken, however, it becomes highly perishable and you must consume it within 4 hours for maximum nutritional benefit.
Q: Why is there only one flavor?
A: We found the perfect balance of organic ingredients to maximize nutritional density and minimize excess sugar. There are tons of vegetables and only the bare minimum amount of fruits to add a hint of sweetness.
Q: Does SaladPower replace my need to buy salads?
A: Yes – that is exactly right.
Q: Can I use SaladPower as a meal replacement?
A: Yes – it can replace any meal you want.
Q: How should I store SaladPower?
A: In a cool dry place. Or the refrigerator. It tastes best chilled.
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