Why We Love Organic Vegetables

Why We Love Organic Vegetables

At SaladPower, our message is clear: eat more organic vegetables. Whether you do that with our product, or by some other means, it gives us great pleasure to see diets improved and sustainable farming practices rewarded.

Too many communities, particularly in the United States, have nutritional deficiencies due to a low intake of organic vegetables. And too many ecosystems are devastated by unsustainable farming practices. But when we purchase organic vegetables, we curb both concerns: the vegetables contribute vital nutrients to our diet, and the purchase itself bolsters the organic farming industry, thereby promoting the sustainable farming practices that preserve the environment for generations to come.

The reason we created SaladPower is because we do not always have the time and means to prepare a delicious meal of organic vegetables. And when we went searching the grocery aisles, we couldn’t find any products that made organic vegetable convenient enough to enjoy every day, not to mention the loads of wannabe products stripped of vital fibers and loaded with added sugars.

To us, there was a clear need for a way to provide organic vegetables conveniently and deliciously, without inserting a ton of added sugars and sacrificing nutritious fibers. And after much experimenting, SaladPower was born!

Packed with more than two times the recommended daily serving of vegetables, you may notice that SaladPower also contains a little bit of fruit—half an apple and a quarter lemon. That’s just the right amount of fruit for taste, and not a drop more, because we know if you’re like us you’re well aware that sugars should be avoided except when coming from whole organic produce, and even then, in moderation.

Another facet of our product that probably sticks out is the pouch seal technology. Part of the reason we love pouches has to do with the fact that, unlike many companies, we do not filter out the natural fibers found in our vegetables and fruits. The result is a delicious, nutrient-rich smoothie with tons of satiating fiber, and we like to serve it in a pouch so you can squeeze out every drop.

Our pouch seal technology also reduces our carbon footprint by about 33 percent compared to plastic bottles. At the same time, the pouches are perfect to take on-the-go, as the contents remain completely safe at room temperature with no added preservatives, and the ergonomical shape makes them easy to pack.

You may notice a trend here: we love it when healthy choices align with protecting our world’s precious environment. That’s why we took it one step further and created an initiative whereby 100 new organic vegetable seeds are planted every time you buy 6 pouches of SaladPower. If you go to your profile on saladpower.com, you can track the number of organic seeds planted as a result of your purchases.

So it is with much enthusiasm that we encourage you to help the world by helping yourself to more organic vegetables. And when you’re looking for a source of organic vegetables that is convenient and delicious, we hope you’ll think of SaladPower.

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