What We Are About

What We Are About

Thanks so much for your interest in SaladPower! As a sign of our gratitude for having you in the SaladPower community, we would like to tap in with you from time to time and give you some information we hope you find helpful.

If you’ve seen our product, you know we’re passionate about what we do—making the easiest way on planet earth to get real whole organic vegetables daily—but we’re also passionate about what we never do—namely, we never work with huge, pesticide-dousing, GMO-seed planting mega-farms that don’t care about you or the environment.

That’s why our produce only comes from organic, biodynamic farms that are completely sustainable. That’s also why, every time you purchase 6 pouches of SaladPower, we plant at least 100 new organic vegetable seeds for the next harvest. It is our belief that these practices should be the norm, not the exception.

You have probably noticed our packaging, too. We love using pouches because they reduce our overall carbon footprint by about 33 percent compared to plastic bottles. They’re also super convenient, and if you’re an explorer like us, you’ll relish the ability to take SaladPower pouches (which stay safe to drink at room temperature with no need for preservatives) with you on your bike, up the trails, and on your other adventures.

Knowing this about us, it will come to no surprise that a lot of the articles we send you will cover these themes: sustainable farming practices, good nutrition, and awesome adventures.

We look forward to sharing more with you about these subjects. Welcome to the SaladPower community!

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