The Importance of Organic Farming

The Importance of Organic Farming

Out of respect to you, we make sure our product contains a nutritious, delicious blend of organic whole vegetables and fruits. Out of respect for the environment, we research our partners carefully to make sure that the farms that produce our ingredients utilize farming methods that preserve the ecological health of the land for generations to come.

For us, there is no other way. Too well-documented are the atrocities of irresponsible farming, from the irreparable destruction to the environment to the horrible health risks related to pesticides.

In humans, the list of health risks associated with pesticides goes on and on. Pesticides have been linked to various forms of cancer, complications in the nervous system, harm to the endocrine (hormone) system, and aggravation of the skin and eyes.

We are beginning to witness the far-reaching consequences of pesticide usage in the animal kingdom as well. Take, for instance, the tragic decline of the bee population. How awful (and insane) a company must be to knowingly use pesticides that contribute to the devastation of bees, the pollinators responsible for assisting the vast majority of the world’s plants in reproduction.

Then there is the ruinous effect that pesticides have on the migration of the monarch butterfly. Their journey from Canada to Mexico dazzles the imagination, adding allure to a creature that already enchants the world with the miracle of metamorphosis. But now monarch butterflies are unable to complete their magical migration due to the devastation of their sole food source (milkweed) by the widespread use of chemical pesticides on farms in the United States.

We’ve known many of these risks for a long time. In 1962, Rachel Carson famously exposed the horrors of the pesticide DDT in the novel Silent Spring, drawing the attention of President John F. Kennedy and leading to the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency, which still oversees pesticide use today.

Nevertheless, there is an alarming trend toward large farms owned by agro-chemical corporations that are financially incentivized to use and sell pesticides.

We aim to change this unacceptable trend, and we heartily invite you to join the growing frontier of people dedicated to promoting organic, biodynamic farming practices.

One of the best ways we can support organic farming is by purchasing organic produce and products containing organic whole vegetables and fruits. That’s why, when it comes to SaladPower, we only use the highest-quality USDA certified organic whole vegetables and fruits that come from sustainable, biodynamic farms we know and trust.

We hope you do the same!

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