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What is SaladPower?

SaladPower is the healthier juice. While we were in college, we noticed that most of the traditional juices in our local grocery stores were loaded with calories, sugar and funky sounding added ingredients. When we came back to NYC, we witnessed the rise of the new, trendy juice craze - these juices claimed to be healthier than the traditional guys. However, we noticed that these new "healthy" juices still played the same old tricks. They would show you a "green juice" and say its super healthy for you because of all the greens in it. However, most green juices are loaded with sugary fruit juice like apple or orange juice and only have a few drops of kale to make them turn green. They're low in vitamins and high in sugar & calories. We do things differently - by putting our superfood veggie blend first, our juices are packed with nutrients and much lower in sugar and calories than the competitors. All of our produce is handpicked, sustainably sourced and 100% Non-GMO certified.

Can I really drink my salad?!

Yes! No fork required :-)

What makes SaladPower a better choice for me?

Most juices aren't as healthy as they claim to be. They load their juices with fruit juice, add a few drops of kale and call it healthy. We do things differently. By putting our veggie superfood blend as the first ingredient, our juices are much more nutritious and lower in sugar and calories than the others guys.

Where do the veggies and fruits come from?

Our veggies and fruits are hand picked from the highest quality, sustainably managed, 100% natural and 100% Non-GMO farms in the USA.

Why are 100% natural and 100% Non-GMO so important?

100% natural means that everything you find in a bottle of SaladPower is also found in nature. 100% Non-GMO means that our veggies and fruits were never altered by mankind. Mother nature got it right!

How come SaladPower does not need to be refrigerated?

Our bottles are the most cutting edge bottles in the game. They protect against the two major enemies to a natural product: light and oxygen. By keeping both away from the juice, we never need to use funky preservatives or artificial ingredients. We recommend that you chill before serving.

This all sounds great but…what does SaladPower taste like?

SaladPower is packed with pure veggie nutrition that you can taste in every sip.

Where can I buy SaladPower?

Check out the "Shop" page above!

Who makes SaladPower?

Saladpower is made by two outdoorsy highschool buddies who wanted healthier juice options but couldn't find any that were low in sugar, high in vitamins and suited for their on the go lifestyle...and thus, SaladPower was born!

Are there any new flavors in the works?

Absolutely. We are always working on new flavors that meet our high quality ingredient and nutrition standards.

What is the most important thing in life?

Peace, Love, Knowledge, Health and Happiness.