Worth Knowing More - California Prop 65

Worth Knowing More - California Prop 65



California Prop 65 is a very important law that was passed 32 years ago, but a surprisingly small number of people are aware of it. "Prop 65" as it is sometimes called, is a law that requires corporations to place a small warning label on products made with toxins shown to cause cancer, birth defects and other forms of reproductive harm. This applies to over 282 toxins commonly found in everyday consumer items.

It is obvious why these toxins are used in the first place. They are cheaply manufactured which helps corporations keep ridiculously high profit margins. It is an utterly disgusting practice.

Our reason for bringing this up is that the very same corporations using these cheap toxins have fought hard in court to reduce the legal requirements for labeling Prop 65 toxins on their products. There is a very good chance there was a Prop 65 toxins warning on something you recently purchased, but it was hidden so deep in the fine print, that you did not notice.

We believe that current laws around labeling these toxins are insufficient.

We also believe that if these toxins need a warning, they should not be allowed in the first place.

Our best bet as conscious consumers is to stay vigilant and not rely on lawmakers to fix this issue. Check for Prop 65 warnings next time you are shopping. If you see the warning, consider choosing a different product. If a corporation can't sell something, they'll stop making it.

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