ADHD + Food Coloring Additives

ADHD + Food Coloring Additives


For absolutely no good reason, the vast majority of food and beverage companies use food coloring additives in their products. Well, their “good reason” is that food coloring additives make their products unnaturally perfect-looking and more attractive to consumers. Worst of all, food coloring additives are disproportionately found in products marketed towards children. Here’s why this is a very bad look – the following food coloring additives have been studied and found to increase hyperactivity in 3, 8 and 9-year olds. This type of hyperactivity matches the symptoms of ADHD.

• Yellow 5

• Yellow 6

• Yellow 23

• Red 10

• Red 18

These chemicals are just about everywhere. If we only take the example of sports drinks such as Gatorade (Gatorade Orange contains Yellow 6) it’s not a big leap to say that hundreds of millions of children have these chemicals running through their system. Add in all the other packaged food and beverage products containing these chemicals, and the amount of exposure experienced by young consumers starts to get ugly.

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